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Who we are

CELEC develops and manufactures electronic automation solutions. We supply intelligent systems to manufacturers and integrators in several industries.

In the CELEC range you will find both standard products and bespoke solutions. They are specially designed to satisfy the requirements of our markets. The customer-orientated approach, at the centre of CELEC’s commitments, ensures we offer you the most suitable solution benefiting from our most innovative technological procedures.

The company is active in the fields of automatic doors, sanitary ware, checkouts and other industries.

For over 26 years, CELEC has been developing its business in numerous industrial sectors. CELEC has earned a reputation as a leading supplier for its innovations and the quality of its products, resulting in constant growth since the company was founded.

Key dates

CELEC- electronic card manufacturer, France, Neufchatel en Bray

A Manufacturer with an international presence

CELEC supplies its components and solutions all over the world thanks to two plants based in France and China. From our head office in France, we manufacture products for Europe, the Americas and Africa. Our branch in China serves Asia and the central and south Pacific.

Our international reach gives us the ability to respond to requests for automation solutions all over the world.


Automation, our core business

The high quality of our automation solutions sets CELEC apart. Our technological expertise, the reliability of our electronic boards, sensors and software have made us a market leader. Our traditional service offer consists of using our optoelectronics know-how in many different solutions. Backed by this expertise and by constantly monitoring technological developments, CELEC is proactive in adapting to developments in market and customer needs.

New horizons

CELEC develops new solutions to extend its fields of action to other business sectors. In addition to our long-standing markets (sanitary equipment, automatic doors and checkouts), we know that CELEC technologies can bring innovation to new industries. For this reason we have adopted a diversification approach.

The company already operates in the military and medical sectors. CELEC is a leader in the design and manufacture of sensors and automation solutions offering recognised cost effectiveness and reliability. In the light of this success, we are pursuing  developments into new markets.