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A major problem of electronic fixtures in the sanitary ware market is the installation complexity that the technology involves. Whilst the advantages in terms of hygiene, water savings and comfort are undisputed, equipment manufacturers must find ways to make the integration of electronics simple.


Putting a sometimes delicate solenoid valve and battery holder in place underneath a sink in a residential or commercial environment can be time consuming and unappealing. In the commercial environment, components may also be exposed to vandalism threats when they are free standing. Plumbers require solutions that reduce their contact with components to a strict minimum and allow them to install products quickly whilst ensuring fully functional products.


CELEC’s BOX : a simple and secure solution

To eliminate these complications CELEC developed the BOX concept. By integrating components into one easy to mount unit, installers simply connect the sensor, attach water hoses and the fixture is ready to use.


box solution sanitary

Box test, solution for sanitary ware



Our latest version of CELEC’s Standard BOX (MKII) further facilitates installation and ensures that components are protected but are also accessible for maintenance. Longer battery life and a sophisticated energy fail over system guarantee a reduced number of battery replacements and non-stop operation even in the event.


CELEC at KBC Shanghai

To check out what the BOX and other CELEC solutions can bring to your sanitary ware range, visit us at KBC, Shanghai in June.