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As an electronics specialist CELEC recognises the importance of the Internet of Things mega trend. Indeed, IoT is redefining the way that users and objects interact. According to leading research firm Gartner more than half of new business processes and systems will incorporate IoT by 2020. By integrating connectivity into a physical object the user can access new information and interact with the object more easily with greater functional possibilities. When a rich base of data is converted into exploitable information it becomes possible to create new products and services with a more dynamic user experience.


Optimizations and IOT

Connectivity is key in the development of today’s consumer electronics, as well as in the evolution of modern day homes and buildings. By using connected solutions, consumers can now manage a multitude of appliances and systems from their smartphone. Whether it be security systems, heating or lighting, consumers have complete visibility and control over their most important appliances wherever they are. The consumer thus benefits from improved comfort and energy savings.

The gains in performance and efficiency can be even greater in the case of large buildings where the use of intelligent security systems is vital and where the consumption of energy is much greater. By visualising and controlling systems from a centralised platform an organisation can optimise the maintenance and the management of their building allowing for considerable resource savings.

Whilst the centralised management of heating, air conditioning and lighting is commonplace in the majority of large commercial and public buildings, this is not yet the case for sanitary ware installations. Given the large number of plumbing fixtures installed in these types of building, a system allowing you to communicate and interact intelligently with the totality of these fixtures represents a powerful tool. CELEC offers you this opportunity with the Blue Connect module that allows you to fully interact with your electronic sanitary ware from one user interface. Whilst all CELEC products are fully programmable, proximity with the sensor was required to extract data and modify settings. Blue Connect now allows you to access the full functionality of your CELEC solutions remotely.



CELEC and the IOT

To put this into context, CELEC’s connectivity solution allows to fully visualise the number of cycles and the consumption of your different plumbing fixtures via computer, smartphone or tablet. Monitoring installations remotely will also allow maintenance agents to quickly identify any anomalies and ensure that all fixtures are functioning correctly without having to physically check every installation individually. Other vital features such as hygiene rinses will be able to be programmed, carried out and monitored remotely. This allows for maintenance of sanitary ware systems to be better streamlined and more effective.

Sanitary ware is no exception to the IoT trend, connectivity is changing the way in which plumbing fixtures function in public buildings as well as in everyday households.

Come and discover the Blue Connect solution at our booth at KBC Shanghai in June. Contact us directly or click the following link to find out more about the Blue Connect solution and connected sanitary ware.


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