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The CBS is the smallest integrated sensor on the sanitary equipment market. It is discreet and allows for a stylish integration in the design of your product. Background suppression guarantees faultless detection.


  • Smallest integrated sensor on the sanitary ware market.
  • Unrivalled detection stability compared to standard sensors thanks to:
    • Colour insensitivity,
    • Background suppression.
  • The ideal sensor for the most complex integrations thanks to its compact size and background suppression.


  • Detection distance Short distance: 50 to 160 mm
  • Detection type Presence detection
  • Number of modes 5 operating modes available
  • Detection distance setting Adjustment using the CELEC remote control
  • Protection IP67
  • Casing material PA12
  • Power supply 4 to 11VDC with: Mains power supply
  • Electromagnetic compatibility Compliant with the “electromagnetic compatibility directive 2004/108/EC and the provisions of the “Low voltage” directive 2006/95/EC.