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The CBS Half Moon integrates discretely above your faucet’s aerator.

With CELEC’s most advanced sensing technology, the CBS offers a high quality detection that alternative sensors cannot match.

Background suppression technology ensures stable detection whatever the colour, the texture or the brightness of the sink and other surroundings.

Its small size and excellent detection stability makes the CBS Half Moon ideal for faucet and soap dispenser applications.


  • Unrivalled detection stability compared to standard sensors thanks to:
    • Colour insensitivity,
    • Background suppression
  • Ideal sensor for integration above aerator


  • Detection distance 50 to 160 mm (±10%)
  • Detection type Presence detection
  • Number of modes 5 operating modes available
  • Detection distance setting Adjustment using the CELEC remote control
  • Protection IP67
  • Casing material PA12
  • Power supply 4 to 10VDC with: Mains power supply
  • Electromagnetic compatibility Compliant with the “electromagnetic compatibility directive 2004/108/EC and the provisions of the “Low voltage” directive 2006/95/EC.