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Automating a plumbing fixture

As an electronics specialist, CELEC provides all the components necessary to automate your sanitary ware.

Quality, innovation and service for your sanitary applications

CELEC is constantly investing in research and innovation to offer the most suitable solutions. These are provided with a focus on an optimised quality/price ratio for maximum performance. We take the initiative to suggest alternative solutions to help differentiate your product.

We can satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Our product range is one of the widest and most innovative on the market and CELEC sensors adapt to all the sector’s challenges. In particular, we have the smallest photoelectric cell on the market and the only multi-function capacitive sensor compliant with European standards (EC). Moreover, our universal communication module opens the way towards a connected sanitary ecosystem in the IOT age.

The advantages of CELEC solutions

  • Significant gains in hygiene and comfort
  • The low consumption of our products
  • Ease of use and installation of CELEC solutions
  • Programmable, connected products
  • A sensor adapted to all sanitary applications

Optimise user experience

User experience is given top priority thanks to the care devoted to the design of our products. They are engineered for our customers, installers, end users and building managers. The ergonomics and flexibility of our solutions are guaranteed by our multifunction, customisable software. It maximises the potential of our sensors by constant functional upgrades and a very wide range of settings.

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