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CELEC stands out for the ability of its Research & Development team to deploy its technological proficiency in a large number of applications for a wide range of sectors. We offer standard products and also customised solutions for specific applications.

CELEC is an expert in sensors and infrared photocells, wireless communication systems and the development of human-machine interfaces, among other fields. Find all the CELEC technologies below.

Active infrared

Active infrared sensors use the emission and reception of infrared beams to detect the presence and/or movement of objects or people in their field of detection. The technology is ideal for applications requiring a long and narrow detection range.


Passive infrared

Passive infrared sensors detect the infrared radiation emitted by objects in their field of detection. This technology is used to detect the movement of objects or people within a given volume, such as a room for example.



The capacitive sensor detects the electrical capacity of people and objects. It is therefore sensitive to their presence or movement. It is adapted to short-range detection (5cm) or contact. Our sensors are customisable and guarantee excellent detection stability.



Piezoelectric elements generate an electric charge when they are deformed by mechanical pressure. This type of sensor is activated by the user pressing the element. CELEC piezoelectric buttons are extremely hard-wearing and are perfectly suited to applications involving intensive use.



Doppler sensors or Doppler radars detect movement within their field of detection thanks to the frequency of the electromagnetic waves they emit. They can detect from a distance of several meters even when the sensor is behind a solid material.




Actuators transform an electrical signal into mechanical movement. The CELEC range of actuators includes motors, pumps and solenoid valves. For the latter, we design and manufacture a range dedicated to sanitary ware applications.


Power supply

All electronic automation systems need the most reliable power supply possible. For this reason CELEC meticulously selects or designs this key component. The wide range of CELEC power supplies enables us to supply power supplies and/or battery units adapted to the specific features of your area of business.


Software engineering

Software is the key tool for efficient, easy-to-use products. CELEC programs offer extended functionality, new operating methods and the possibility to customise our solutions in a user-friendly manner. Finally, numerous functional developments can be implemented throughout the life-time of our products.

Wireless communication

Wireless communication gives remote access to the data and functions of our electronic systems: tablet, smartphone, PC. With a full command of the principle communications protocols, CELEC is able to offer a communication solution adapted to the needs of your application.

Human-Machine Interface

The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a means of interaction between the user and the automation solution. The ergonomy of CELEC interfaces guarantee the user’s optimised, easy operation.


Electronic boards

CELEC’s electronic control boards guarantee effective automation management that is perfectly adapted to your applications and market. CELEC control boards provide efficient servo-control for your product and can be used to manage many types of peripheral.