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The sanitary ware industry is no exception to the IoT trend.

CELEC’s Blue Connect is a secure connectivity solution allowing you to add a new dimension to your products and create a sanitary ware ecosystem.

The Blue Connect solution consists of two components, the Blue Connect module and the gateway, as well as a software package. The retro-fittable Blue Connect module connects each individual installation to the network, whilst the gateway regroups and communicates the data collected by the different Blue Connect modules. Our intuitive software offers you a full overview of your installations’ data:

  • Access all the data and functionality of CELEC sensors remotely.
  • Consult and interact with your sensors as a network or individually.
  • Control your installations and modify settings from an intuitive user interface on smartphone, PC or tablet.

Blue Connect is the ideal solution to simplify the management of sanitary ware installations. The solution’s features allow you to generate significant savings of energy, water and maintenance resources. Offer your clients a connectivity upgrade for first-rate efficiency and effectiveness.

Blue Connect, a complete solution to bring your sanitary ware into the IoT age.

Available in the 2nd semester of 2017.


Contact the CELEC team or click this link for more information on the Blue Connect Solution.