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CELEC vows to provide quality service to give full satisfaction to our customers. The innovation and reliability of CELEC solutions are results of our commitment to high standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. To meet this imperative, CELEC relies on its expertise acquired over more than 30 years in the development of sensors and electronics. Our ability to satisfy even the most complex requirements means we offer customers solutions that stand out from the competition. This makes CELEC an excellent partner.

Each solution is designed to meet the exact needs of our customers in line with their requirements. CELEC is proactive, bringing you the best technological innovations available with a quality/price ratio in line with your market requirements.

A stringent quality system for reliable products

Our quality commitment is our absolute priority. Since CELEC was founded, the quality of service provided to customers has been our central concern. Our extremely low rate of returns is the best illustration of this. If a product needs to be returned, we take every care with our after-sales service to study the problem encountered in detail in order to offer the most suitable response.

Even before obtaining its ISO certification, CELEC had drawn up strict internal specifications to guarantee the high quality of its service. Our quality system applies from the design of a new product right through to its delivery to our customers. CELEC products are designed and manufactured in compliance with international and European standards. All our articles carry the EC label after systematic qualification in an independent laboratory. These measures guarantee compliance with the standards:

  • Directives 2004/108/ EC: “Electromagnetic compatibility”.
  • Directives 2006/95/EC: “Low voltage”.

Innovation to serve your needs

CELEC follows closely new technological developments and is committed to providing solutions benefiting from the latest innovations in its sector. This not only involves creating efficient products, but also means offering alternatives which open up new opportunities in line with the constraints imposed by your project. Our main task is to satisfy your need with the most suitable and effective solution.

The CELEC service, our hallmark

Our customer orientated approach means highly proactive relationships with our customers. All questions are guaranteed to be answered.

Today, CELEC operates in the sanitary ware, automatic door and checkout markets where product returns are almost non-existent. Meaning our customers can sell their finished products with total peace of mind.