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Fully integrated expertise, our key asset!

CELEC relies on the internalisation of all competencies. From design right through to delivering products, CELEC is very demanding in the application of its know-how to guarantee customer satisfaction.
The faultless expertise and involvement of its employees at all stages in a product’s development and production guarantee effective solutions that meet your expectations.

CELEC is a fully integrated company with efficient teams and equipment. We have what it takes to develop an initial idea into an industrialised solution.

Research & development, our innovation driver!

Our R&D experts follow regular training in new technologies and the very latest innovations. We can thus guarantee that we are always at the cutting edge of technology to bring you the best solutions. The technological solutions are defined in close collaboration with the customers. This ensures full understanding of the issues at stake and an effective response. Great care is also devoted to the validation process. In this way, series production can start efficiently to achieve optimum delivery lead times and an end product that delivers as well.

Production, CELEC’s core

CELEC is equipped with modern production tools and several automatic machine lines. Our organisation allows for flexible production runs while at the same time guaranteeing constant quality for both small and large product quantities. Moreover, quality control is carried out at each manufacturing stage. No product leaves the CELEC factory without having been tested multiple times.

Customer service, our added value!

Our after-sales service is available to support you throughout the product life-time and provide efficient technical support. Moreover, every product return is studied in detail to provide the most suitable solution for the problem encountered.
We always get back to you with the necessary explanations to ensure you have a good understanding of the proposed solutions in a detailed report.

With a rate of returns of 0.3%, you can be sure that you are getting excellent quality of service.

Our technical expertise

Specialising in automation, CELEC benefits from knowledge and expertise developed in numerous technologies:

  • Active infrared
  • Passive infrared
  • Capacitive technology
  • Piezoelectricity
  • The Doppler effect
  • The Seebeck effect
  • Wireless communication
  • Mechanical fluid management
  • Human/machine interfaces
  • Electronic control boards.

By offering these integrated technologies, CELEC provides a full range of standard solutions and dedicated products. Every recommendation made by CELEC is the result of listening to the needs and constraints of our customers.

See “Technologies” page for more details.