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Specialist of sanitary ware electronics, CELEC now provides actuators specifically adapted to the needs of the sanitary ware market. Control the water flow of your electronic sanitary ware fittings whether it be for kitchen and bathroom faucets, showers, or urinals.


Electronic sanitary ware products are often used in high use intensity public washrooms, where durable mechanical parts are obligatory to ensure that maintenance costs are maintained to a strict minimum. After being put through comprehensive testing by the design team, CELEC’s hydraulic components are adapted for the wear and tear of everyday use, whether it be in a commercial or residential environment. The materials used are fully compliant with international drinking water standards. This ensures that users can drink the faucet’s water safely and that manufacturers don’t face certification risks.


CELEC’s actuators are optimised to guarantee a longer battery life, an installation durability and ensuring that battery changes are kept to a strict minimum. Optimised water hammer ensures that the pressure shift from the valve’s use will not generate unwanted noise whilst avoiding any potential damage to the water pipeline.


Single flow and premix solutions

Solenoid Valve

  • Reliable long-term performance
  • Low operating voltage to maintain battery life for as long as possible
  • Low noise pollution

Find find out more about the characteristics of our solenoid valve and cartridge valve.

Clarinet: Solenoid valve with integrated filter and mixer or stop valve

  • Simplify maintenance interventions
  • Stop water and adjust temperature preferences
  • Integrated filter protects the solenoid valve from particles in water
  • Integrated check valves protect against cross-contamination between hot and cold water supplies
  • High quality and performance material to ensure international standard compliance


PPS material

The clarinet is made of PPS, this material provides an efficient alternative to brass. Widely used, thanks to its hard-wearing characteristics, PPS offers a robustness that protects key components from damage in the sometimes-rough sanitary ware installation environment. The material also responds to the specific drinking water and temperature requirements of the sanitary ware market, unlike brass, PPS is lead free and offers greater chlorine resistance than other plastic materials, and high weight reduction (nearly 3 times lighter) which is critical for transportation and handling.

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