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Implementation of CELEC know-how

Thanks to its command of detection technologies and its expertise in the development of electronic boards and software, CELEC offers a more efficient approach to checkout belt management. CELEC has thus made cashiers’ work less arduous. Tasks will therefore be performed more efficiently. This approach is applied to each customer’s project.

Moreover, we are proactive throughout our collaboration to set up reliable, effective, innovative electronic systems.

All the skills of every CELEC employee are used to follow your project, from the definition of your requirements, design of the prototypes and series production right through to delivery.

Greater efficiency and improved working conditions

The reliability of the sensors and the simple, user-friendly interfaces that CELEC designs guarantee optimum checkout operation.

CELEC solutions are specially designed for intensive use corresponding to the specific demand from supermarkets and large stores.

Our user-friendly human-machine interfaces are designed to be perfectly suited to the challenges of the sector. The cashiers’ work is facilitated and therefore more productive and reliable.

CELEC control boards offer a wide range of services such as management of three checkout conveyor belts, the belt alarm and multiple indicator lights, etc.

The advantages of CELEC solutions

  • Significant gains in productivity at the checkout.
  • User-friendly human-machine interface to make work easier.
  • Compatible with numerous peripherals.
  • Numerous settings with operation for all types of checkout conveyor.
  • Robust electronic boards and sensors for a long life-time.

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