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Customised solutions for your products

CELEC has built its reputation based on its understanding of the specific issues of each sector, offering the right solutions for each case. The technology developed in the R&D department and the CELEC know-how can apply to many other industries. Listening to our customers is central to our approach and effectively contributes to the development of solutions in order to establish a lasting partnership.

Already operating on the sanitary ware market, the checkout market, and the automatic doors market, CELEC is the established market leader in automation solutions. The company is today extending its expertise to other markets.

CELEC technology in multiple industries

Here are a few industries in which we already operate:

  • Medical
  • Military
  • Special machines
  • Transport

With technical expertise in multiple technologies (infrared, wireless communications, etc.), CELEC bases its know-how on carefully listening to customers, full command of manufacturing and a thorough after-sales service.

Our experience in the design and manufacture of customised solutions enables us to offer new innovative proposals. They satisfy the specific issues of each customer in line with their requirements. The ability of CELEC to adapt and understand the challenges of new sectors of activity make it possible to automate applications for markets in which this was previously non-existent.

One of CELEC’s major advantages lies in its ability to supply automation solutions to industrialists who cannot or do not wish to master or integrate electronic development. To ensure the long-term future of our solutions, we build future-proof software into our devices. CELEC software updates allow new functions to be added to your products without having to upgrade the equipment. All our products benefit from our expertise in low consumption systems. They therefore offer excellent autonomy and energy savings. CELEC has vast experience in the design of compact products for applications where integration constraints are considerable.

We are constantly looking for new partners and invite you to contact us for your project.

The CELEC service

Choosing CELEC means opting for a sales and technical team who are on hand to listen to you.

Our research and development centre offers you the solution best adapted to your needs based on an exchange of specialised knowledge between each party. The care devoted to the proposed solution is reflected in an extremely low rate of returns.

Our solutions

Among the solutions we develop and which can be adapted for various industries, we offer:

  • management and control boards,
  • detection systems,
  • Human-Machine Interfaces,
  • communication and wireless communication solutions.