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“Pencil” IR cells are perfectly adapted for optimised integration into your doors. The high degree of light immunity and reliability of our sensors provides maximum security for your installation.


  • The excellent robustness of the sensor is guaranteed by the use of hard-wearing materials.
  • Integration into your door facilitated by the adapted shape of the sensor.
  • High degree of light immunity.


  • Operating range 12 meters maxi
  • Light source Modulated infrared
  • Light immunity 50,000 Lux to 15°
  • Power supply 10 – 30 VDC
  • Consumption 15mA
  • NPN output (normally closed) 20mA
  • Power on delay 120ms MAX
  • Response time 30ms MAX
  • Type of connection Cable with pluggable watertight connector.
  • Protection Polarity reversal (protected against short circuits)
  • IP protection rating IP67
  • Casing material PA12
  • Rated operating temperature -20°C to 60°C
  • Electromagnetic compatibility Compliant with the “Electromagnetic compatibility” 2004/108/EC directive dated 15/12/2004 and the provisions of the “Low Voltage” Directive 2006/95/EC dated 12/12/2006


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