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The Standard IR Sensor provides optimum detection under all conditions thanks to its high level of light immunity and quality components. The sensor is extremely flexible thanks to its wide range of settings and can be used for all types of sanitary ware equipment.


  • One sensor for all your sanitary ware thanks to its multi-function software
  • Reliable detection in all conditions
  • Low energy consumption ensures long sensor autonomy
  • Short and long range detection capabilities
  • Easy to install and modify by hand, remote control or Blue Connect
  • Excellent robustness of the sensor guaranteed by the use of hard-wearing materials


  • Detection distance Short distance: 50 mm to 250 mm / Long distance: 200 mm to 800 mm
  • Light immunity 70,000 Lux at ±30 °
  • Detection type Presence detection
  • Consumption 25 µA / Max : 40µA
  • Detection distance setting Manual adjustment or using the CELEC remote control
  • Number of modes 6 operating modes available
  • Maximum response time <266 ms in short range mode / <1 second in long range mode
  • Protection IP67
  • Casing material PA12
  • Power supply 4-12VDC with: Mains power supply, 4 or 6 AA batteries, 1 CR-P2 battery
  • Electromagnetic compatibility Compliant with the “Electromagnetic compatibility” directive 2004/108/EC and the provisions of the “Low voltage” directive 2006/95/EC.


Infrared sensor for sanitary, presence detector, presence sensor