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Make your sanitary ware automatic

As an electronics specialist, CELEC provides everything you need to automate your sanitary ware with touchless or touch technologies.

Choose CELEC for


Prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses with touchless faucets

Water savings

Fully optimise water running times to sanitary ware usage


Deliver the best user experience with touchless automatic activation

Reliable detection

Guarantee reactive touchless activation without false detections and water wastage

Connected and Smart

Reduce maintenance costs and improve availability with our IoT solutions

Low power consumption

High energy autonomy guarantees fewer battery replacements and greater efficiency

The ideal sanitary ware user experience

Outstanding reliability and quality make CELEC electronics the perfect choice for automatic sanitary ware that delivers a great user experience in the long run. The bathroom and washroom user experience is given top priority in our products developments. All solutions are engineered for our customers, installers, end users and building managers in mind. We offer sensors, actuators and complete solutions to satisfy expectations for public washrooms as well as home kitchens and bathrooms.

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