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CELEC secures and automates your doors

CELEC’s command of the design and production of control boards and photoelectric cells means we can offer a comprehensive service for your application. Our solutions ensure efficient, safe servo-control and compliance with sector standards. The software and user-friendly interface of our electronic boards facilitate interaction with the automation for easy diagnosis and programming of your doors. Moreover, the reliability of our infrared cells eliminates potential contact between people or objects and the door. This guarantees the utmost safety of your doors throughout their lifetime.

Additionally the modular design of the CELEC control boards provide real operational flexibility. Usage can be adapted for several types of motorisation and peripheral. Our control boards’ diagnostic function checks that all the peripherals in your automatic door system are functioning correctly.

The solution that suits you

Working with CELEC is the guarantee that you will have a solution adapted to your specific needs. Moreover, you keep control of your after-sales service thanks to our bespoke solutions.

CELEC supplies sensors with the right shapes and characteristics to facilitate integration into the various types of automatic door:

  • shared parking garage doors,
  • individual housing garage doors,
  • sliding doors and gates,
  • industrial doors,
  • lift doors.

The advantages of CELEC solutions

  • Our human-machine interface is specially designed to facilitate settings configuration, as well as the operation and maintenance of your door.
  • Solutions adapted to all door types.
  • The robustness of the products ensures the longevity of your door automation solution.
  • User safety is guaranteed by the detection reliability of CELEC’s infrared photo

CELEC know-how at your service

Whatever your need, CELEC is proactive in seeking innovative solutions for a high-quality customer experience. The solutions provided by CELEC benefit from our extensive expertise, from design right through to production. Whether it be active infrared sensors or electronic control boards, our products are tailored to your concerns.

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