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With over 3 decades of expertise, CELEC provides electronic solutions for touchless activation of faucets, toilets, urinals and soap dispensers. With the aim of improving public hygiene, detection via sensors removes the need for contact with the faucet and other washroom equipment and thus avoids the transmission of germs and viruses. The user is detected with several different technologies: infrared, capacitive, Doppler or compact background suppression sensors.

The automatic faucet can be used by everyone, installed in public places such as commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, stadiums and petrol stations. It can also be installed in private homes. Automatic faucets ensure contact-free hand washing to improve hygiene by eliminating bacteria transfer and contamination.

CELEC is constantly working in partnership with faucet manufacturers to facilitate the widespread use and installation of electronic solutions.

Visit our sanitary ware page to find out more about CELEC’s solutions and for further information, please contact us.