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Electronic sanitary

Electronic solutions in sanitaryware offer comfort of use without comparison. No longer touching the taps or sanitary appliance ensures perfect hygiene. Users’ hands can no longer be sources of bacterial transmission.

The water flows over a limited time, resulting in water savings of up to 90% depending on the taps. With a constant view to saving water resources, our solutions enable operators to remotely monitor and control water management in their sanitary installations using connected modules.

Our solutions have been proven in a wide variety of usage environments for both individual and collective installations. We master the design and manufacture of all the components of a water point automation solution (detection, actuator, energy and IoT). As a result, we provide operators with peace of mind over time thanks to the performance and reliability of our products.


A key element in the success of a tap, the sensor enables its user to be detected.

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Precise and reliable water management is crucial for sanitary applications. Our range of solenoid valves is specifically designed to meet these requirements.

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Integrated solutions

Our Boxes represent an all-in-one solution that integrates the energy and the actuator, offering a perfect combination that is simple to install, aesthetically pleasing and ideal as protection against vandalism.

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Thanks to our in-depth expertise in sanitary applications, we are able to understand at best the energy requirements of systems.

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Our range of smart connected objects offers NB-IoT and LTE-M solutions to optimise water inlet management in your sanitary installations.

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Because of the stresses they undergo during installation and maintenance, it is imperative that cords demonstrate strength.

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