A genuine centralised dashboard, the Celec supervision tool enables you to monitor the data fed back by our products. Two types of essential data are displayed: operating data such as consumption readings, actuator status, number of uses, temperature, tank levels, pressure, etc. The second type of data will be alarms, such as the detection of leaks, over-consumption, contact opening, temperature overruns, noise or even remote maintenance alarms.

NB-IoT or LTE-M technology enables bi-directional communication with installed products, so you can use the supervision system to remotely activate or change parameters, reducing the need for physical intervention on site.

The supervision screens can be modified on demand, so you can create real synoptics tailored to your needs.


APIs available for connection to other monitoring tools

Specific access rights can be assigned to a user depending on their responsibilities

SaaS server

Fleet management

Remote control and monitoring

Summary screen :

  • Give a quick overview
  • Display most recent alarms (leak, overconsumption…)
  • Indicate the unique product number, valve position, valve location, as well as an ON/OFF control module
  • Give valve movement history
  • Monitor consumption
  • User-adjustable consumption diagrams

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