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Remote reading/monitoring

Smart Water

Our aim is to enable any water manager or operator to monitor their network remotely. By connecting our data logger systems to existing or new water meters, you can find out how much water is being used at any time. To reduce water consumption, our products incorporate high-performance leak detection. At the slightest anomaly, the system will send out an alert. The daily or weekly volume limitation function can also be used to set alert thresholds so that excess consumption can be monitored as closely as possible. Our monitoring data logger allows you to connect dry contacts and report any change in the status of an installation.

Our communicating solutions send all the necessary information to our supervision system or to the system of your choice via an API.

Data logger 4 counters

Our data logger can monitor the consumption of up to 4 meters. Each input is equipped with overconsumption and leakage monitoring functions.

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Monitoring data logger

Our data logger tracks the status of 1 to 4 dry contacts. Information is sent each time the status changes by text message or e-mail.

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Our Datacan is a complete solution that allows you to monitor levels, control temperatures and pressures or operate valves remotely.

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Lora connection gateway

The BS-2.2 gateway is designed to deploy a LoRaWAN network. It is the central element in the deployment of a network, acting as the interface between the sensors and the server.

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Connected water meter DN 20

The Lora water meter allows you to monitor your water consumption in real time and be alerted automatically in the event of any drift.

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Lora pulse transmitter for water meter

The pulse transmitter connects to the pulse output of a water meter to provide remote reading of consumption in real time.

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