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Smart industry

To meet new environmental, economic and social expectations, Smart Industry helps to reduce consumption of energy and water while improving economic performance. The gains come as much from savings on flows as from optimising maintenance.

Celec offers complete solutions formeasuring, metering and remote control of networks and technical installations within your organisation. The technical and industrial expertise developed over more than thirty years enables us to offer easy-to-implement connected solutions.

Whatever the size of your factory, commercial building or even your farm, we have the right solution for you.

Remote activation

Water management in industry is a major issue. Expenses can arise from over-consumption of water and failure to monitor its use.

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Remote reading/monitoring

In order to make decisions, you need to have access to good quality, easy-to-use data.

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We have developed expertise in automation for access control and retail applications.

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Celec's supervision tool is a centralised dashboard for monitoring the data fed back by our products.

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