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Electronic Sanitary

Our Boxes represent an all-in-one solution that integrates the energy and the actuator, offering a perfect combination that’s easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and ideal as protection against vandalism.

Available in infrared and capacitive versions, as well as in single- and dual-flow configurations, our Boxes can be adapted to suit your needs. Our latest innovation, the integrated valve, completes our range by offering a version with IR or capacitive detection that’s extremely compact, easy to install and adaptable to all your taps.

Integrated capacitive

The integrated sensor valve is the perfect compact solution for transforming any tap into an electronic tap..

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Flex Box

Our Flex Box range offers completely integrated solutions for your sanitary fixtures.

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Mini box

The integrated IR valve is the ultimate compact solution for your electronic IR installation. It guarantees a robust, fast and professional installation for commercial and residential applications.

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