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Electronic Sanitary

A key element in the success of electronic taps, the sensor detects the user and sends a command to turn the water on and off.

We offer a range of sensor technologies to ensure the best possible performance for your sanitary installations (taps, urinals, toilets, showers). Our sensors are designed to be powered by battery or mains supply. Our expertise in ultra-low power technologies means we have sensors with unrivalled performance in terms of battery operating time.

They are configured to be dedicated to a single type of installation (single-function sensor) or to different types of installation (multi-function sensor). In the latter case, the multifunction sensor is parameterised at the time of manufacture of the sanitary equipment according to your needs, giving you greater flexibility and optimising your stock.

IR (assets and liabilities)

Infrared technology can detect the presence (active infrared) or movement (passive infrared) of a user. Our sensors deliver unrivalled performance, while guaranteeing optimised costs. Our ongoing development of new solutions means that our systems are extremely compact and can be easily integrated into all sanitary appliances.

Infrared detection is used in the majority of electronic sanitary installations in service throughout the world, helping to save thousands of cubic metres of drinking water every day. The infrared solution is cost-effective, robust and reliable. At Celec, we are continuing to make it ever more compact and energy efficient.


Celec holds an exclusive patent for time-of-flight (TOF) technology, specifically adapted to sanitary applications. It guarantees detection and activation with a high degree of reliability, even in the most demanding environments (mirrors, tiles, shiny earthenware and stainless steel washbasins). What’s more, it remains effective regardless of the clothing worn by the user, be it dark clothing or reflective waistcoats.

For the first time on the market, Celec has launched this battery-powered technology, offering a lifespan of several years, even on high-traffic installations.


Capacitive technology brings a “contactless” solution to all taps, thanks to the Proxy function. In the Touch version, a simple pulse will trigger the water to open or close. This solution offers a unique and intuitive user experience. The design with no visible sensor allows for aesthetic integration of the sensor while minimising the risk of vandalism.

This innovative technology is not limited to taps. It can also be deployed in other sanitary installations. Urinals in particular, enabling flushes to be triggered and obstructions and slow drains to be detected, making maintenance and cleaning easier. This detection reduces odours in toilets, and significantly improves the user experience.


This technology, designed to detect a user, is highly effective for urinals. The sensor can be concealed behind the wall, offering protection against vandalism and freedom for designers.

Whether in public toilets, prisons, campsites or other difficult conditions of use, the Doppler solution guarantees the required hygiene for users. Celec is committed to providing technological solutions that meet the highest standards of hygiene and performance.

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