Profile of our employees

Emilie Maurice

CMS Team Leader

Date of joining CELEC

February 2007

Her career path

It is now 13 years since Emilie joined CELEC. Barely out of high school, with an economics and social baccalaureate in her pocket, she started working as a temp while preparing for a nursing exam. But her experience at CELEC changed her mind. The offer of a permanent contract with the opportunity to develop within a dynamic and ambitious plant enabled her to become independent more quickly.

Do you want to tell us what your role is at CELEC?

I started at CELEC as a cable worker in the workshop. But in the first year, I was able to discover the whole production line. After that, following an increase in activity, I was asked to join the CMS team in charge of manufacturing electronic boards. What was supposed to be a one-off job became a permanent one.

There are some special features at CMS, what are they?

In order to produce as much as possible and not stop the machines during mealtimes, we are out of sync with the rest of the factory. So the machines run from 7am to 5pm non-stop .

Can you give us an example of a typical day?

  • Tune-up of production in progress (problem, adjustment…)
  • ERP data entry: timesheet, material output
  • Machine planning
  • AOI check + repairs
  • Creation OP
  • Reception
  • Prototype programme preparation
  • Production monitoring

And on the personal side, would you like to say a few words?

I have 3 children, including a daughter who is passionate about horses and whom I enjoy taking riding. We have a well-oiled schedule to reconcile work and family life.

Are there any events that have stood out for you most at CELEC?

CELEC organises one outing a year, with a great atmosphere. We were lucky enough to have a meal with a visit to a Canadian Bison and Wolf Park, and the following year a family tree climbing day. The outings are varied and really enjoyable. It’s a chance to get together with our families outside working hours.

We also have a little ritual that has been in place since the early days of CELEC, and which is much appreciated. Everyone brings something for their birthday, homemade cakes or pastries.

What is your role at the CMS?

When I arrived at the CMS, I started with production (loading electronic boards into the machines, checking programs and loaders). A few years later, I was trained in machine programming: fitting components, screen printing and making prototypes.

Initially trained in AOI (automated optical inspection), to check the SMT process, I was then quickly trained in the monthly and annual maintenance of SMT machines as well as in the use and input of our ERP (production time, declaration of production orders, reception, material output, etc.).
Promoted to team leader in September 2019 at the CMS, I’m now in charge of production quality, time tracking and planning.