Muriel pridot

Sales administration


Baccalaureate in literature / Deug in Spanish / BTS in small business management assistant


Date joined CELEC

1999, i.e. 20 years old in 2019

What is your proudest moment at CELEC?

As a member cu CSE, I organise an outing for the company every year. It’s always a pleasure to meet our colleagues and their families outside working hours.

Would you describe CELEC in a few words?

A good atmosphere, commitment to work, supportive teams and a pleasant working environment.

Muriel, can you tell us about your career path?

After my A-levels in Spanish, I started my career as a supervisor in a secondary school. I left that job to become a manager in a family business, but after the birth of my son I wanted to give a new impetus to my career and decided to go back to school. I decided to take a BTS in management assistant SME/SMI. With the support of my husband, I was able to combine my studies with family life.

After obtaining my BTS, I took a job in telephony that didn’t appeal to me, so I signed up for a temp job in Neufchâtel-en-Bray. That’s where my adventure with CELEC began and continues after 20 years.

What is your role at CELEC?

I’m in charge of sales administration as well as a member of the ESC. I’m involved from the moment orders are received. I help to ensure that our customers are satisfied and that we meet our commitments right up to the delivery of our products. I monitor deliveries, invoices, payments and urgent requests. I also deal with after-sales service, but our products are so reliable that there are very few of these.

Are all your diplomas still useful to you?

Yes. CELEC is an international company for which I am in daily contact with European and American customers. I use English and Spanish on a daily basis.

How do you balance your career and your personal life?

I live close to the plant and my working hours have been adapted to the 35-hour week. This means I can enjoy my two children and take them to their activities.

What are your activities outside of work?

I love music, I play acoustic and electric guitar. My other passion is sport, particularly running, and I took part in the Versailles Princess Run with a colleague. My husband and I share a great interest in travelling. We don’t miss a chance to go on weekend adventures in our camper van, not to mention trips abroad.